Metal Detector SMD-1
Metal Detector SMD-1 Weight Checker and Metal Detector Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Industrial Label Machine, Automatic Case Sealer | San Sui Enterprise
  • to check weight of different products, over or less weight will be rejected out, qualify product will be passed to next equipment.£®suitable for carton ,meat, and various type of food£©
Model CQ-810
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Detection Channel Width (mm) 400 (Customizable Width 200~2000)
Detection Channel Height (≥Φmm) Conventional Machine Detection Window Height
Sensitive (≥Φmm) Iron Ball Fe Diameter 0.7
Copper Aluminum Non-Ferrous... 1.3
Stainless Steel Diameter 1.5
Body Material The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel cold drawing process
Alarm Method Automatic detection of foreign objects stops, and output 12V buzzer alarm sound (a variety of rejection devices can be customized: copy, pull rod, push rod, jet,etc.)
Machine Size ≈L:1400 x W:820 x H:900, the size of the customized product is based on the actual product
Machine Weight ≈200kg
Power Supply Power Supply: 220V 50Hz  Power:120W
Weighing Capacity ≤20kg  Speed: 25~30m/min (not adjustable)
Working Desk Height: 700mm (customizable height)

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